Vitamin Sea | Paronomasia Series Hoop


A FlowAffinity Original Creation! Our crazy color changing Paronomasia hoops have a full on color morphing effect as the lighting or angle of the hoop changes. Each hoop is available in your choice of 1/2", 5/8”, or 3/4” polypro tubing. All hoops come with the option of either clear tape or our signature diamond grade protective coating. Our clear taped option offers a lighter weight and more budget friendly price point, it comes with our standard push button style which coils down for travel. When you upgrade to our diamond grade finish you will recieve thick and seamless protection that is 15X more durable than clear tape. No more worry about dings and knicks! Our diamond grade protective layer can be finished with a light sanding, wax or waxless grip, but does have a slightly grippy texture as-is. This option comes in the multi-piece sectional style and breaks down into 4 pieces for travel via easy-to-push button connections. 


Estimated Weight references for Diamond Grade upgrade:

3/4″PP 31″ OD= 11.5 Oz.

5/8″PP 31″OD= 8.5 Oz.

1/2″ 29″OD= 5.4 Oz

Colors may vary slightly due to monitor settings.