Fire Hoops


*Be sure to add one listing to your cart PER WICK.* 

Flow Affinity Fire wicks are a safe, stationary design which means there is no worry of the wicks coming loose from the hoop while lit or bulky hardware catching your hands and cutting you!

Unlike most rolled style wicks, FlowAffinity Fire wicks are secured using an adhesive backed kevlar and finished with stainless steel hardware. This increases the durability and does not allow the rolled kevlar to shift or “cone” on the spine.

The Cable used for the spines is semi-flexible, so it will bend but not break during drops! They bounce right back out straight unlike some lower quality spines currently on the market.

Re-wicking is super simple, just unscrew hardware, cut/un-ravel, and replace!

Worried about snapped, melted, or warped tubing? Don't be! FlowAffinity is the first and only company to offer a wick re-mounting service. You can breath life into your wicks a second time! You just purchase the replacement hoop, the repair service, send in the broken hoop and we transfer your wicks to the new one for you. All fire hoop purchases come standard with one free re-mounting service. (Replacement hoop not included)

Wicks come standard in 1" with 5.5" spines or 1.5" with 6" spines.

Fire hoops are for the experienced hooper! Please take the time to educate yourself on proper fire safety techniques.