Blue/Green | Color Shift Diamond Dust Glitter Hoops


   Diamond Dust Hoops are a FlowAffinity original creation and quickly became a top seller. FlowAffinity is the first company to successfully create and offer glitter hoops to the online hoop market. Our product has been rigorously tested and many times improved since the designs conception in 2014. Each hoop is available in your choice of 1/2", 5/8”, or 3/4” polypro tubing. All hoops come in our standard multi-piece sectional style and break down for travel via easy-to-push button connections. They are finished with our signature diamond grade protective coating. This seamless, crystal clear, protective layer is 15X more durable than protective tape and can be finished with a light sanding, wax, or waxless grip, but does have a slightly grippy texture as is.

Estimated Weight references:  

3/4″PP 31″ OD= 11.5 Oz.  

5/8″PP 31″OD= 8.5 Oz.  

1/2″ 29″OD= 5.4 Oz


Colors may vary slightly due to monitor settings.